A Little Bit More About Us You Won't Read In The About Us

What's up human reading this?!

If you've stumbled upon this page then that means you're interested in finding out what Yesteryear is all about and how we started so sit down grab some pop corn and strap in! 

Alright so firstly we should probably tell you a bit about us my name is Tom I'm the human who had the brilliant idea of starting this crazy venture called Yesteryear & the first piece of our puzzle. I'm a guitar playing, video game loving, music inspired individual with a love for all the weird things life has to offer. Introducing our next Yesteryear puzzle piece Yaz. Yaz is my partner in business and out, she's a super energetic fashionista who loves rocking all things retro and grungy. She's the type of person who will jump on any opportunity and be the first to turn a s**t situation into a positive one.

Back to the brand, so, as a person who's always been easy to spot in a crowd I've always found it hard to find quality rad clothing to rock every day and also while I'm performing with my band, instead of spending extra money on postage from over-seas stores I had the genius thought of 'f**k it, why not do this for myself and for other people?' and that was all well and good.. but then along came Mr & Mrs. Problems and their kid setback. 

How and where do you even start with this? the main focus I had when starting Yesteryear was to offer nothing but rad clothing and accessories to all the humans out there that don't quite fit societies definition of normal, you know the ones that are drawn to life's left hand path? While still offering affordable price and the best quality customer service possible. Not only this but we want to keep everything as Australian made as possible because we want to support home grown jobs and buy as local as we can.. So that's what we started on, after hitting Google harder than a Mike Tyson punch we found an incredible Australian printing company to print our threads through, tick there goes one problem.

So I'm stoked with that and sit back to reap the rewards of my labour, umm.. What are you going to put on your threads dude? F**k! I can draw stick figures but that's about the extent of my artistic skills. Luckily for me I'm incredibly blessed to be surrounded by amazing people who are more than talented in this section (Shout out to Shaun, Jake, Will & Sam at Rogue City Tattoo) after receiving more than a bit of help and a butt-load of tips and tricks my non-artistic ass was off and the first Yesterthread designs are born.

Like any good story though, there's more! everything we've done so far is great and we're making waves but where are you going to sell it? Good luck building a website with no previous knowledge or skill. You're probably thinking why not just pay someone to do it for you? We'll get to that part but long story short, we couldn't afford it. I could have given up here and stopped completely but like any stubborn idiot on a mission I went in head first... I spent probably a solid month switching between Youtube videos, Shopify forums and google searches trying to gain enough knowledge to build a decent website. After many failed attempts the Yesteryear V1.0 was born and boy was it rough, gotta start somewhere though right? 

Awesome so everything's coming up Milhouse we've got the way to produce our goods, the goods themselves and now a functioning website! Life's good but it's about to be even better. Introducing the birth of our son Atticus. I thought having the title of My Own Boss was dope when the Dad title hit it was like nothing else, everything seemed to change, funny how massive an impact such a little person has on you. Although this time was one of the most happiest times as any new parent will tell you it's also a pretty stressful time, plus the stress of trying to start a business into the mix and you've got a recipe for loosing your hair.

We didn't do that though, instead of going with the too hard basket approach we knuckled down even harder and decided to make the situation ours, don't get me wrong though it's not like we nailed these situations there's been more f**k ups than I can count and I'm sure there will be plenty more but we won't give up, we'll always come back as a better version because we're constantly learning and growing. Grind today for an easy tomorrow.

I've always been a bit hard on myself and the biggest hurdle I had through this whole thing was fighting myself, I've always had and still get the cliché  'don't put this out' or 'no-one will like this' thoughts but the craziest thing happened when we launched. Y'all started buying our stuff, telling us how much you loved it and how you wanted more and this meant the world to us and me especially. It's incredible hearing such positive feedback whether it's about our delivery times, quality of clothing or just the brand itself, this is truly the reason why we do what we do.

We do it for all of you and we couldn't be us without you all. We do this to provide you all with the rad alternatives you deserve. We're bringing options for all you weird ones and midnight kids out their. Next time you're standing in a crowd and realise you're the odd one out, stand proud and comfortable. Embrace your weirdness because we're right there beside you embracing it with you! 

Truly and honestly though thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for every order you've made, every post you've shared, every time you've worn one of our shirts or accessories, every time you engage with us on social media and for taking the time to read this blog-post-thing. For you, you may just be buying something dope but for us it's our everything.

Enjoy browsing through our website, hopefully you find some killer goods that you can add to your cart! If you have any questions or want to get in contact with us please do so, we would love to hear from you!

As for me, I'm signing off.

Thanks again human, you're one of a kind!

Stay Weird